Updating Dashboards

You can make changes to your Dashboard Views at any time. You can choose to add new Charts, amend existing Charts or change the layout of the Dashboard.

To make any changes to the Dashboard, open the View Editor.

This can be done by clicking Edit in the View menu, or by clicking Edit Current View in the Create menu.

You can make all of your required changes, then click the Save button in the left hand menu to confirm.

Dashboard Save Button

Adding a Chart to a Dashboard

To add a new Chart to an existing Dashboard, drag and drop the Chart from the sidebar onto the canvas.

Adding Charts to Dashboard

Once a Chart has been added to the Dashboard, you can configure it using the menu in the sidebar. See the Chart Types help for more details on how to configure each Chart.

Chart Settings

Amending an Existing Chart

To make changes to the configuration of an existing Chart, click the Chart on the canvas. This will show the Chart configuration menu in the left hand menu.

You can make any required changes to the Chart and then click Save to update the Dashboard.

Editing a Chart Name

Changing the Dashboard Layout

Charts can be moved around the Dashboard by dragging and dropping them on the canvas.

Moving Charts on Dashboard


Charts cannot overlap on the canvas.

Removing a Chart from a Dashboard

To remove an existing Chart from a Dashboard, you can click the Remove button in the top right corner of the Chart.

Remove Chart Button

To confirm the deletion, click the Delete button on the confirmation modal.

Confirm deleting chart on dashboard

Alternatively, you can drag the Chart into the bottom right corner of the canvas.

Removing Chart from Dashboard

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