Creating Workflows

To create a new Workflow for a Project select the Automate tab in the top right hand corner.

Workflows Tab

If there are some Workflows that have already been created in your Project then these will be listed in the left hand navigation bar. To create a new Workflow for your Project, click the Create Workflow button in the navigation bar.

Create Workflow button in sidebar

If there are no Workflows in the Project, then you will be taken straight to a blank Workflow canvas.

Specifying Workflow Table and Name

You will first need to define the Table that the Workflow is taking actions on. This can be any Table within the Project.

As an example, if you would like the Sales team to be notified about a new opportunity then you may pick the Opportunities Table here. Alternatively, if you would like to notify everyone of all their outstanding tasks then choose a Tasks Table.

The Workflow must then be given a name.

Adding a New Workflow, Selecting Table and Specifying Name

Workflow Trigger Types

Once you have selected which Table that the Workflow is taking action on, you must choose the event that triggers the workflow to start.

There are four trigger types to choose from.

Trigger Type Details Example
Create Record Workflow steps will trigger when a new Record for the selected Table is saved Send an email to the Sales team when a new opportunity is created
Update Record Workflow steps will trigger when a change is made to an existing Record for the selected Table Send an email to the account owner when an account status is changed
Delete Record Workflow steps will trigger when an existing record for the specified table is deleted Send an email to the HR team when an employee record is deleted
Schedule Workflow steps will trigger on the defined schedule Send an email every week to to the operations team with their upcoming tasks to do

Drag the trigger type from the sidebar onto the canvas to add it to your Workflow.

Dragging workflow trigger onto canvas


If you would like to change your Workflow trigger type, click on the trigger type block on the canvas to open the trigger options. Select the new type from the list.

Scheduled Trigger Type

For Workflows with a trigger type of Schedule, there are some additional options to configure which determine how frequently the Workflow should run.

To access the options, add a Schedule trigger type to the canvas and click on the block. This will open the menu in the sidebar to configure the recurrence. The options are:

  1. Daily

    Runs every day on a chosen hour

  2. Weekly

    Runs every week on a chosen day and at a chosen hour

  3. Monthly

    Runs every month on a chosen date and at a chosen hour

    Note if the 29th, 30th or 31st is selected then for shorter months the Workflow will run on the last day of the month.

Workflow Conditions & Actions

Before the Workflow can be saved, at least one Workflow Action must be specified. You can also optionally add a Workflow Condition.

Conditions and Actions can be added to Workflows by dragging and dropping the blocks on the canvas.

Take a look at the next page for details on configuring Workflow Conditions and Actions.

Saving a Workflow

Once you have configured the Workflow, click the Save button in the top right corner of the canvas.

Save Workflow button


By default, all workflows are enabled and will become immediately active after saving. To change this, toggle the Workflow Status switch before you save.

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