Creating Dashboards

To add a Dashboard to your Project, you will first need to create a Dashboard View. Charts can then be added to the Dashboard and configured to show the required data.

Creating a new Dashboard View

To create a new Dashboard View, open up the Create menu in the bottom left corner and choose the Dashboard option.


You can user Ctrl + \ to open the Create menu if it is currently collapsed.

Enter a name for your new Dashboard and click the next arrow.

This will take you to the Dashboard canvas where you can start adding Charts to the Dashboard.

Add New Dashboard

Adding Charts to a Dashboard

There are several different Chart Types each with their own configuration and settings.

To add a Chart to the Dashboard, drag and drop the Chart from the sidebar onto the canvas.

Adding Charts to Dashboard

Once a Chart has been added to the Dashboard, you can configure it using the menu in the sidebar. See the Chart Types help for more details on how to configure each Chart.

Pie Chart Settings

You can save your progress at any time by clicking Save in the left hand menu, noting that saving the Dashboard will make it visible to Users. When you save a Dashboard, a preview of the Chart data will show.

You can preview how your Dashboard will look for Users on different devices by toggling the device menu in the top right hand corner. You can only add Charts and amend the Dashboard layout whilst in the desktop view. Chart settings can be configured in all views.

Dashboard Preview Devices Buttons

Moving Charts on a Dashboard

Charts can be moved around the Dashboard by dragging and dropping them on the canvas. Note that Charts are not allowed to overlap.

Moving Charts on a Dashboard


Charts cannot overlap on the canvas.

Removing a Chart from a Dashboard

To remove an existing Chart from a Dashboard, you can click the Remove button in the top right corner of the Chart.

Remove Chart Button

To confirm the deletion, click the Delete button on the confirmation modal.

Confirm deleting chart on dashboard

Alternatively, you can drag the Chart into the bottom right corner of the canvas.

Removing Chart from Dashboard

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