Saved Filters

For each View, you can create Saved Filters. This will show a subset of the available Records based on the conditions that you choose.


Saved Filters can be used in Dashboard Charts and Workflows.

Saved Filters show up in the left hand navigation bar for your users to see.

Saved Filters

To create a Saved Filter, navigate to the View that you wish to filter.

Click Filter in the top right corner. You can utilize all of the filtering functionality available.

To save a new filter, click Save As. Enter a name for the filter and then click Save.

Creating Saved Filter

Renaming a Saved Filter

You can rename existing Saved Filter at any time. Start by choosing the Filter that you would like to rename from the left hand navigation bar.

Click Filter to open the filter settings. Click Rename, enter a new name for your Filter then click Update.

Rename Filter

Updating a Saved Filter

To change the filter conditions for one of your existing Saved Filters, start by selecting the Filter from the left hand navigation bar.

Add or change any conditions as needed and then click Update.

Updating Filter

Deleting a Saved Filter

If a Saved Filter is no longer required, it can be deleted. Start by selecting the Filter from the left hand navigation panel.

Click Filter to open the settings then click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm the action.

Deleting Filters

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