Creating Projects

You can create new Projects in Gridfox at any time. You can choose to create a new Project from scratch, or use one of the available templates.

All Projects are created from the homepage, which can be accessed by navigating to or by clicking the Back to Projects link when viewing a Project.


If you are an Account Admin for more than one Account, you will have the ability to create a Project under each of those Accounts. Ensure you select to create the Project in the correct Account.

Creating a Blank Project

You can create an empty Project which you can customise and configure.

  1. From your homepage, click New Project
  2. Enter a name for the Project
  3. Click the next arrow

Your Project will be created, and you will be taken to the View Editor for your first Table. You can name the Table and start adding Fields.

New Project


If you prefer to use the Explorer to create your Tables and Fields, simply select the Explorer tab in the top right hand corner.

Creating a Project using a Template

Rather than starting from scratch, you can create a Project using one of the Gridfox templates.

  1. From your homepage, click Explore Templates
  2. Find the template you need in the template library
  3. Click Use Template
  4. Enter a name for the Project
  5. Click the next arrow

A copy of the template will be created in your account. You can then customise and configure the template right away by changing Fields, amending Views or adding Workflows.

Create Project from Template

Creating a Project from your existing Data

If you have an existing spreadsheet or system that you would like to replace with a Gridfox Project, use the Import My Data button to get started. Our team will help you get up and running from your existing spreadsheet or system.

Import Data

To add your own branding and design to your Projects, you can upload a logo for each Project.

When you are viewing the Project, click the Upload Logo button in the top left hand corner. Then select your image, adjust the placement of the image and click Save.

This logo will be shown to all Users in your Project.

Uploading Logo


You can change the Project logo at any time by repeating these steps.

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