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Everything you need to know to get started with Gridfox.

What is Gridfox?

Gridfox is an intuitive and secure online database platform that enables anyone to build and share web and mobile apps, without coding.

Gridfox provides an ideal alternative to managing your information in spreadsheets, empowering individuals and teams of all sizes to invent new ways to innovate, drive efficiency and scale.

From marketeers, to account managers, agencies and accountants, people are using Gridfox to discover a new way to work by removing the boundaries of existing functions.

Get started today and build an app that’s tailored exactly to what you need.

Who is Gridfox for?

Gridfox was built so that anyone can build custom web and mobile applications, without coding.

Gridfox offers an alternative to risk-laden spreadsheets and ill-fitting software packages by enabling users to build custom apps to fit the way that they work.

From projects to manage PPE distribution throughout the pandemic, to timesheet management, stock tracking, custom CRM’s and marketing campaign management; Gridfox is used by people in every part of an organisation – from Sales and Marketing, to Human Resources and Finance.

View our Template Library and explore what you could build.

Is Gridfox secure?

Security is a number one priority within Gridfox.

We’re committed to providing a reliable and robust environment to ensure you can securely build, run and scale your own custom projects.

Read more about how your data is kept secure on our Security page.


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Using a Gridfox Project
Using a Gridfox Project

Learn how to create, edit, update and delete Gridfox records.

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Building a Gridfox Project
Building a Gridfox Project

Learn how to build your project tables, screens, workflows and permissions.

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