An Introduction to Views

Within a Gridfox Project, you will have access to several different Views. From a View, you can see Record information and make changes to data in the Project.

All the Views that you have access to are listed in the left hand navigation panel.

Navigation Bar

Views are configured and customized by your Project Admins.

Types of Views

There are several different types of Views in Gridfox, each with their own features and functionality.

Grid Views

Use Grid Views to see a list of data, similar to the layout of a spreadsheet.

Grid View

Board Views

Use Board Views to organize your data into columns, with the ability to drag & drop for quick updates and changes.

Board View

Calendar Views

Use Calendar Views to see events plotted on a calendar, with different calendar styles available.

Calendar View

Gantt Views

Use Gantt Views to visualize the schedule of your Records over time. See at a glance where activities and tasks may overlap and how long they will take.

Gantt View


Use Dashboards to see snapshots of the Project data and summary information about your Records.

Dashboard View

Custom Screens

Use Custom Screens to create bespoke user-interfaces for specific use cases within your organization.

Custom Screen

Filtered Views

Within the left hand navigation bar, you may see some filtered views which are indicated by the filter icon.

Filtered View

Your Project Admins can create these filters, allowing you quick access to exactly the subset of data you need.

You can also filter any of the Views on an ad hoc basis by using the Filter button on a View.