Importing and Exporting

Should you want to make batch edits to your Records, you can Export and Import your table data.

To Export your data, simply click the Export button when on the Table Search Screen.

Export Records Button

This will download your data into an Excel spreadsheet.

You can then make multiple changes to your data. For example, if you were using Gridfox as a custom CRM, updating the Sector Field of Company Records to Construction.

Once you have made the required changes, you’re able to upload your updated Records by clicking the Import button.


Once you click the Import button, select the exported file you have just updated. This will automatically repopulate your table with your changes.

Should there be any errors within your spreadsheet, a message will show enabling you to change the file to upload.


Icon, image and file fields are not supported within the export and import function.

If you are viewing a subset of Table Records, having filtered or searched on the Table then the exported file will only contain this subset of Records for you to amend. Uploading this file will only amend this subset of Records.


Make sure you are uploading an edited version of the file you downloaded. Files in different formats will not be accepted for upload.