Importing and Exporting

There are two options when choosing to export data from Gridfox:

  1. Export a Report

    If you wish to share a snapshot of data with someone, you can use the report style export. This is available on Grid Views and will export the on-screen view of data.

  2. Export & Import Data

    If you want to add many Records to Gridfox, or make bulk edits to Records, you can use the Export & Import feature to do this. You will start by exporting the list of Records from the Table. You can then make any changes or additions required in the downloaded spreadsheet, and reimport the spreadsheet with the new data.


If you don’t have permission to Import or Export data, the Import / Export button will be disabled.

Exporting a Report

To export a report of data from Gridfox, start by navigating to the Grid View that you wish to export.

You can optionally filter the Grid View to show a subset of Records.

Click Import / Export and then select Export a Report.

Export a Report

A spreadsheet of the columns and rows shown on screen will be downloaded.


You cannot use this spreadsheet to import data. Use the Export for Import option to do this.

Exporting for Importing

You can use the import/export functionality to import new data into a Table, or to amend existing data.

Select a View which contains the data that you would like to add to or amend and click Import / Export.

If you are on a Grid View, make sure to click Export Data for Import.

Click Download Template. This will download a spreadsheet containing all the Records in the Table that the View is for.

Export Template


The spreadsheet will have a column for each Field on the Table, but will not include Formula, Image, File and Icon Fields.

You can now make changes to the data in the spreadsheet. Add new Rows for any new Records that need adding.

Make sure you do not add or remove any columns in the spreadsheet to ensure the data can be reimported correctly.

Once you have made all the changes, save your spreadsheet.

Going back to Gridfox, click Upload Spreadsheet on the Import / Export modal.

Import Spreadsheet

Select the spreadsheet that you saved and click Open.

You will see a summary of the changes and additions that the import will make to your data. Any errors will also be shown here.

Import Spreadsheet

Click Import and the changes will be applied to your data.

Handling Field Types when Importing Records

To add data to some Fields, a specific format is required so that the data can be imported correctly.

If your Table has a List (Multi-Select) Field or a User (Multi-Select) Field, ensure that List Items are separated by commas in the spreadsheet cell.

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