Gantt Views

Gantt Views in Gridfox enable you to visualize the schedule of your Records over time. You can see at a glance where activities and tasks may overlap and how long they will take.

Gantt Screen

You can scroll horizontally along a Gantt View to see the data in earlier or future months. By default, the current day will always show in the center.

Gantt Views are created and configured by your Project Admins.

Adding a New Row

To create a new Record from a Gantt Screen, click the Add Row button in the top right hand corner.

Add Row Gantt

You can then enter the details of the new Record and click Save.

Editing Records on a Gantt View

To view the more details about an item on the Gantt View, click the link to the Record in the left hand list.

Gantt Record Link

You will be taken to the Record directly where you can make any changes. Click the Save & Close button to return to the Gantt View.

Zooming In and Out on Gantt Views

To see the information on a Gantt View at different levels of detail, you can toggle the zoom level.

To change the zoom level, open the zoom picker in the top right corner of the Gantt View.

Gantt Zoom

Select your preferred option from the list. The Gantt View will update accordingly.


The zoom level you have chosen will be remembered for the next time you access the View.