Calendar Views

If you have Records that contain date information, Gridfox enables you to visualize your Records using Calendar Screens.

Records will show as events on the Calendar Views.

There are two Calendar Screen types within Gridfox:

  1. Grid Calendar Screens

    Grid Calendar Screens enable you to view your Records on a monthly view.

    Grid Calendar

  2. Column Calendar Screens

    Column Calendar Screens show your Records in columns by day, week or month. They can optionally group the Records further into different rows.

    Column Calendar

Calendar Screens will be created by your Project Admins.

Adding a Calendar Event

You can create new Records on a Calendar View by clicking Add Event in the top right corner.

Enter the event details and click Save.

The new Record will now show on your Calendar.

Creating Calendar Event

Viewing a Calendar Event

To view more detail about the Record for a Calendar Event, click on the event on the Calendar View.

From the Record View, you can make changes or delete the Record. To return to the Calendar View, click Save & Close or the back button in the browser.

Viewing Calendar Event