User (Multi-Select) Fields

The User (Multi-Select) Field Type can be used for assigning one or many Project Users to a Record.

For example, if you use Gridfox as a project management tool, you could add a Multi-Select User Field to assign Tasks to multiple Users.

Multi Select User Example

User (Multi-Select) Fields can be specified as a Required Field for a Table but they cannot be set as a Unique Field or a Reference Field.


If a Record should only have one assigned value, rather than multiple, use a User Field instead of a User (Multi-Select) Field.

Configuring User (Multi-Select) Field Settings

Once a User (Multi-Select) Field has been added to a Table, you can begin configuring some of the settings for this Field.

Open the Field Settings by clicking on the Field in the Grid View Editor or the Explorer.

User (Multi-Select) Fields can be specified as a Required Field or hidden from view in this sidebar. Hidden fields will be displayed in the sidebar beneath the Hidden Fields heading.


User (Multi-Select) Fields will be given a default Field name when added to a Table, as all other Fields are, e.g. User (Multi-Select) 1, User (Multi-Select) 2 and so forth.

Configuring User (Multi-Select) Field Settings

Colour Coding Users

Project Admins can assign colours to Users for the a User (Multi-Select) Field via the Users tab in the top right of your project.

Users tab

Here you can amend the Group that Users are in and change their assigned colour. You can also choose to remove the User from the Project.

When updating users, all settings that are saved will be then be visualised the User (Multi-Select) Field in your Project.

Colour Coding Users

For example, if you wish for a User to be categorised with the colour green, then you will need to configure this setting via the Users tab. If Users are not currently assigned colours in these settings, then this will need to be updated before the User (Multi-Select) Field will show these colours in your Project.


This process is different to working with a List (Multi Select), where all settings are configured in the View Editor. This is because User (Multi-Select) Fields require Users to already have existing access to a project before they can be selected on this Field.

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