Creating Fields

    Fields are used to define specific pieces of information that you would like to capture about Records in your Gridfox Tables. You can add new Fields to Tables at any time.

    Fields can be created using either the View Editor or the Explorer. Both methods are described below.

    Creating Fields using the Grid View Editor


    The View Editor allows you to make quick changes to your Project configuration and your View layouts.

    Start by selecting the Grid View for the Table. Open the View Editor by clicking Edit Current View in the bottom left Create menu, or by clicking Edit in the menu for the View.

    To add a new Field, click the plus icon in the Grid. Select the Field Type and amend the Field Name as required.

    Grid View Add Field

    Alternatively, expand the Field Picker and drag a Field onto the Grid then amend the Field name as required.

    Add Field Drag Grid View

    Add more Fields as required then click Save to confirm your changes.

    Your new Fields will be available to add data to in each of the Records in the Table.

    Creating Fields using the Explorer


    The Explorer allows you to see and manage all the Tables in your Project.

    Start by selecting the Explorer tab in the top right hand corner of your Project.

    Explorer Tab

    Click the Plus icon in the Table header to add a new Field. Choose the type of Field using the icon to the left of the Field Name. The Field Name will be defaulted based on the selected Field Type.

    Amend the Field Name as required and click Save.

    Add Field Explorer

    The new Field will be shown by default on all Table Screens. Use the Grid View Editor to configure where the Field shows.


    You can take a look at your new Field by clicking the Back to Project button in the top left corner. You can then return to the Explorer by clicking the Explorer tab.