Additional Table Settings

Enabling & Disabling Documents


Documents have been replaced by File Fields. Please use this feature instead.

You can optionally allow your Users to attach Documents to Records.

You can choose for each Table whether Documents can be uploaded against Records. By default, Documents are disabled on all Tables.

The setting can be changed at any time using either the View Editor or the Table Explorer.

Enabling & Disabling Documents in the Grid View Editor

Start by selecting the Grid View for the Table. Open the View Editor by clicking Edit Current View in the bottom left Create menu or by clicking Edit in the menu for the View.

Open the left hand settings panel by clicking on one of the Fields in the Grid.

Toggle the Documents Allowed checkbox in the right hand Table Settings panel. Save the model to confirm your changes.

Toggle Documents View Editor

Enabling & Disabling Documents in the Explorer

Select the Explorer tab.

Explorer Tab

Select a Table on the canvas. Alternatively, select a Table in the left hand side panel.

In the Table Settings section in the left hand side panel, toggle the Documents Allowed setting.

Click Save to confirm your changes.

Toggle Documents Table Explorer

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